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Vital Metabolic: The Art and Science of Strength

Sep 26, 2020

On today’s episode of Vital Metabolic, hosts James Wheeler and John Parker speak with Awais Spall, a published cannabis researcher from Revibe CBD. At Revibe, Awais and his team have been able to develop a transdermal formulation with which CBD can be applied as a topical product. There is so much interesting science that lies behind CBD and its relationship with the human body, and Awais is here to talk all about it!


Episode Highlights: 

  • You can buy CBD pretty much everywhere right now, so it’s time for the public to educate themselves. 6:50
  • Awais has been able to develop a transdermal formulation so people can apply a topical product as compared to smoking or swallowing. 7:20
  • There are dozens of types of cannabinoids and scientists are constantly discovering new ones. 8:23
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) is the cannabinoid that scientists find is the most powerful in the cannabis plant. 9:00
  • CBD interacts with your metabolic pathways in ways that help your body recover faster after exercise. 10:05
  • Everyone’s endocannabinoid chemistry is unique, bringing people different “highs” after working out. 11:30
  • Receptor densities in receptors that help deal with chronic stress have shrunk throughout human evolution. 12:22
  • High doses of antioxidants post-workout are counterproductive to muscle recovery. 13:42
  • CBD is adaptogenic to cortisol levels post-workout, lowering harmful T cells. 14:40
  • Chronic stress can cause adrenal fatigue if there is an unhealthy relationship with the hypothalamus. 16:08
  • Sociopolitical factors have slowed and stunted CBD research and the positive effects that it can have on the body. 17:16
  • There lies a difference in the clinical setting and the research setting. 18:17
  • Someone who is chronically stressed is more likely to get stuck in that stage when taking CBD than someone with a different biochemical status. 19:04
  • Some natural products that are on the market have no transdermal element to get the CBD into your system. 20:55
  • Pharma-style products use high quantities of endocrine-disrupting chemicals to get CBD into your system, but these are incredibly toxic. 21:39
  • Due to regulations around CBD, there is a race to the bottom, and the CBD world is a dirty one. 23:02
  • MSM is a type of salt and has been known to disrupt the gut lining when taken orally. 25:22
  • Taking MSM topically allows CBD to enter the system by signaling nerves to loosen up on the amount of calcium that they are letting through, thus decreasing nerve pain. 26:40
  • CBD is an effective treatment method for a plethora of pain conditions when properly administered. 28:13
  • Pharmaceuticals damage your body’s natural ability to deal with pain over time. 30:20
  • People should off-cycle CBD during the week so their bodies can rebound and it will be more effective. 31:40
  • A combination of Kratom and CBD has shown mixed results amongst those that are recovering from addiction. 33:20
  • The differences between full-spectrum and isolate CBD extracts and what those mean for consumers. 34:56
  • Combining CBD and THC can have great effects fully depending on the settings of each dose. 39:23
  • Breaking down the effects of combining the Ketogenic Diet with CBD when treating degenerative diseases. 42:10
  • Our bodies have receptors that suggest we have evolved around cannabinoids and other compounds in nature. 44:59
  • Plants have been here much longer than humans and have played their part in spreading all over the world. 50:00
  • Spiritual elements throughout life should not be completely disregarded because they have not been proven yet. 52:11
  • People are finally realizing all the different factors that play into a healthy lifestyle and how to supplement that life. 55:30


3 Key Points:

  1. Through his research, Awais and his team have been able to develop a topical form of CBD that helps heal the mind and the body.
  2. Due to the fact that human beings have unique biochemistry to those around them, everyone reacts differently to CBD.
  3. Based on endocrine system chemistry from individual to individual, CBD has been shown to be an effective treatment with pain-based conditions.


Tweetable Quotes: 

  • “You can actually take CBD post-workout and it’s not going to blunt the exercise stress, it’s actually going to help out.” - James Wheeler
  • “They’re getting lower percentage of delta sleep when they are taking CBD orally, so the question is what’s going on biochemically?” - Awais Spall
  • “They’re natural. It kind of has some bee’s wax in it. There’s no mechanism to drive CBD into your’s a beauty product at that point.” - Awais Spall
  • “You’re actually putting CBD into your body. I think people forget that sometimes.” - Awais Spall
  • “When you put anything on your skin...the skin is going to absorb that stuff...With CBD, we need good stuff.” - John Parker
  • “This is the biggest problem with pharmaceuticals, they damage your endocannabinoids and reduce your body’s natural receptors over time.” - Awais Spall


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